The New Era Network for Societally Integrated Climatology

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NENSIC - The New Era Network for Societally Integrated Climatology

We are

A network, a platform for collaboration and open dialogue, a series of events, open to any young researchers or professionals interested in climate and environmental issues, originating at Columbia University but with a global reach.

We aim to

We comprise

Hundreds of members (and counting) from different backgrounds, including researchers, grad students, law students, postdocs, and early-career professionals in climate science, energy, health, policy, and law, hailing from four continents.

We Host

Over 50 events and counting, including interdisciplinary talks on research, policy, activism, and more, tutorials on code project managment and the basics of climate science, and job panels, as well as regular informal networking events and happy hours. We’ve hosted speakers from organizations suchs as City Atlas, Walking Palms International, International Research Institute for Climate and Society, etc., and covered topics ranging from climate law and regulatory policy, to the latest climate research, to incorporating climate justice into research work.

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Kevin Schwarzwald, co-founder: Laurel DiSera, co-founder emeritus.